Transforming People Through the Power of Values.

Transforming Organizations Through the Power of People.


To face the challenge of today’s turbulent and hypercompetitive world, you need more than a pep rally. Values Coach will give your people values-based skills, tools, and strategies-and the inspiration to put them to work.  You will get:

  Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty
  Patient Satisfaction and Patient Safety
  Cultural Resilience
  Teamwork and Communication



“Thank you for the perfectly tailored, spot-on presentation at our conference. I cannot overstate how much we appreciate your time and expertise. Same goes for your help with our corporate group in the afternoon.  It seems we have unleashed something powerful among our company’s many brands.  The feedback is pouring in today… You were definitely a key part of that.  Already this morning I have heard people here at the corporate campus talking about spark plugs…  I thought you might like to know: We conducted an instant poll on our second day and you were ranked as our most popular speaker.  High praise from our operators!”



Seven Simple Promises that will Change Your Life

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PLEDGEPOWER – 1 Pledge – 7 Promises – 21 Days – Our online course on the Self-Empowerment Pledge because no one can empower you but YOU!

James P. Ulrich, CEO of Community Hospital in McCook Nebraska, shares The Florence Prescription Book with employees.

Values Coach partners with hospitals and health care organizations to help them build “A Culture of Ownership on a Foundation of Values.”  This partnership, The Values Collaborative, promotes values-based life and leadership skills. Our experienced trainers conduct an on-site program to share our course on The Twelve Core Action Values with employees and, at the option of the hospital, with a wider community.