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Tom Allenstein

“If there is one good thing about Covid-19 is that it has made us think differently and come up with new ways of doing things. Even though we can’t see each other in person, we can still participate in great presentations through virtual technology. I had the pleasure of seeing Joe Tye’s presentation to the Medical Transport Leadership Institute grad school and it was every bit as good as seeing him live. What an inspirational speaker and always leaves me thinking about ways on how I can improve myself and my organization.”

— Tom Allenstein, CEO/President, MedFlight/MedCare Ambulance


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Invite Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach, to inspire and inform your organization. Joe, a passionate and humorous keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant helps hospitals, corporations and associations stimulate a caring culture of ownership. Invite him to your next event.

  • Marlene Crouse
    Everyone liked the format of us watching the video together and then talking about it. I heard from one of the managers on that there were people with tears in their eyes. The team needs this, and we (as a whole) need this, so much. You have a wonderful way of speaking to exactly what people need at the time they need it, and in a way where they feel truly safe and cared for. I had someone stop in and tell me how she was going to share this with her daughter when she got home.
    Marlene Crouse
    Regional Director of Case Management Operations WellSpan Health, York PA
  • “In 2019, our first full year of working with Values Coach, we achieved our best financial results ever, reached our highest ever employee engagement, saw significant improvements in patient satisfaction and quality results, and earned our first ever shared savings with our Medicare ACO.  And though we could not have foreseen this at the time, the work we’ve done on Values and Culture has helped us to more effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and meet the challenges with a greater sense of resilience and optimism.”

    Joel Beiswenger
    President and CEO, Tri-County Health Care, Wadena, MN
  • Karl E. Hertz

    “Our team was better prepared for the functional and financial challenges of the COVID-19 crisis as a result of our work with Values Coach to define our Invisible Architecture and establish our cultural expectations.”

    Karl E. Hertz
    Chief Operating Officer
, Memorial Hospital of Converse County, 
Douglas, WY
  • Russell Meyers

    “Though we could not have foreseen this when we started, the focus on personal values has also helped our people more effectively manage the emotional anxiety and stress being caused by the coronavirus crisis and economic downturn.”

    Russell Meyers
    President and CEO
, Midland Health, Midland, TX