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December 21, 2019
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December 31, 2019
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A Day for Inspiring Hope

Screenshot from The Hope Diamond Video

Dane Peterson, Chief Operating Officer at Emory Healthcare, often speaks of the leadership duty to inspire hope. So for the second edition of our book Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare, my co-author Bob Dent and I asked Dane what he would say to our readers about hope. His response was so eloquent, and so meaningfully true, that it is a perfect message for this Christmas – which should always be a day of renewed hope. And while Dane was speaking of healthcare, the message is instantly translatable to everyone:

Providing healthcare is hard. Receiving healthcare is hard. Engaging with patients and their families at some of life’s most difficult and impactful times can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved – especially for a care team that is fully “in the moment” for each other and those they are serving. Healthcare (and life) is also inexact – it doesn’t always progress like we expect or wish it go.

So, what can we do during those most difficult situations? We can lean into hope. Hope for the moment – that what we are doing will have the desired immediate effect. Hope for the future – that we will get through this and by pulling together and supporting our patient, their family and our team, tomorrow will be a better day. Without hope there is despair. With hope, there can be healing.

Merry Christmas from the team at Values Coach. And remember – the Hope Diamond is always real because there is no such thing as false hope. Watch the music video here.

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