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January 23, 2022
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Books that Inspire Me #26: A Leader’s Legacy

And a question for graduates of The Twelve Core Action Values

This is the 26th in a series of posts in which I share thoughts on a book that has inspired me over the years. 

Kouzes and Posner are creators of the well-known Leadership Challenge. This book reinforced my belief that the best way for any organization to gain employee alignment with organizationalvalues is to help individuals work on their own personal values.

That’s why I created The Twelve Core Action Values, a 60-module course on values-based life and leadership skills. Each of the twelve values is reinforced by four cornerstones, which put action into the values. You can see a course outline in the picture below.

We use a train-the-trainer model to prepare Values Coach Trainers to teach this course for their colleagues, and to prepare managers and educators to become Values Coach Mentors using this course for coaching, mentoring, and encouraging their people.

This work has never been more important. Survey after survey shows that people are exhausted, frustrated, and burned out – and this is especially the case in healthcare.

But this work has also never been more important because for many people the pandemic has been a catalyst to reconsider what is really important. To be more authentic. Authenticity is Core Action Value #1 in our course, and Self-Awareness is the first Cornerstone.
The course cannot be optimally presented in a strictly virtual format, but I also appreciate that the pandemic and related staffing challenges make it harder for organizations to provide in-class training, so we are working on a hybrid model that will be ready in April.

If you are graduate of a course on The Twelve Core Action Values, I would love to hear from you! What was the most meaningful impact the course had on your life? And what one thing could I do to make the course even better? You can respond to this Spark Plug or email me at [email protected]. Thanks! 

Pictured below: Master Values Coach Lori Forbus in the Culture of Ownership Classroom at Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, TX