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December 18, 2019
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December 21, 2019
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A Powerful Formula for Launching 2020 into being a Year of Achievement

Think Big Start Small Start Now Don’t Quit

Here’s a simple formula that will help you make sure that 2020 is a “best year yet” in which one of your most important goals is achieved. For the advanced course, download my Memories of the Future Guidebook.

Think Big: What one thing, if you were to accomplish it in the year to come, would make you look back upon 2020 with great pride and a sense of achievement?

Start Small: What one thing can you do in the coming month of January that would lay a solid foundation for the work that will have to be done over the rest of the year in order for you to achieve that goal?

Start Now: In the 11 days that remain in 2019, what calls or connections can you make, what research can you do, and what questions can you ask so that when 2020 dawns you will be ready to hit the ground running?

Don’t Quit: What challenges are you likely to face in your endeavor to achieve your big goal? What roadblocks and brick walls might stand between you and achievement of that goal? What can you do now to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to face those challenges and overcome the obstacles with a spirit of determination and resilience? Who would you like to have standing at your side when you do face those challenges and what can you do now to earn their help in advance?

Expect Miracles: If the dream you started with is big enough, you probably have no idea how it will be accomplished. Fortunately, there is a black box somewhere between January 1 and December 31 labeled “miracle happens.” The miracle is not that the goal is achieved – the miracle is that you have become the person who is capable of achieving it.

I Can Help Your People Be their Best

Transforming goals into Memories of the Future is one of the 10 powerful strategies I share for personal development and goal achievement in my 90-minute Lion in Your Mirror presentation. We schedule three sessions per day to make it possible for everyone to attend. For additional information or to schedule an event contact Michelle Arduser, Director of Client Experience by phone – 319-624-3889 – or email –

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