Leadership Lessons from Florence Nightingale
May 9, 2016
Change Your Future with “Yet”
May 14, 2016

A Tough Love Nurses Week Message for Nurse Leaders

In his book The Coming Jobs War, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton wrote that a disengaged manager is “a quality defect,” just like giving the wrong medication to a patient is a quality defect.

As a nurse leader, you have a special obligation to be engaged with your work, with your team, and with the patients you serve. Especially in challenging and turbulent times like those in which we find ourselves today, highly-engaged nurse managers can make or break the culture of an organization.

Yesterday’s Spark Plug included an article with Leadership Lessons from Florence Nightingale. For today I’ve recorded a 5-minute video message for the world’s nurses conveying a message that I believe Florence would have sent herself at this link.

By the way, Florence’s message is applicable to anyone in any walk of life who is willing to listen to it.