About Values Coach


Values Coach Inc. provides consulting, coaching, and training on values-based life and leadership skills for hospital, corporate, and association clients across North America.  We are dedicated to transforming people through the power of values, transforming organizations through the power of people, and to helping hospitals build a culture of ownership on a foundation of values.


Who we are

Values Coach is dedicated to the mission of transforming people through the power of values, and transforming organizations through the power of people.  Our primary focus is on helping hospitals and other healthcare organizations build a culture of ownership on a foundation of values.


What we do

Values training is the gift to your people that is also an investment in your organization.

We conduct Strategic Values Training for hospital and healthcare clients in which we train (as appropriate) Master Certified Values Coach Trainers (MCVC-T), Certified Values Coach Trainers (CVC-T), and Certified Values Coach Mentors (CVC-M) to share The Twelve Core Action Values course within the organization and reaching out to the larger community.  Participating organizations become members of the Values Collaborative and have unlimited access to the Values Trainer website and the Values Coach Connect community.

Our program for small, rural, and critical access hospitals makes the Values Collaborative accessible and affordable through centralized group training, typically cosponsored by state or local associations and regional medical centers.

We present keynotes, conduct leadership retreats, and create special events for hospital, corporate, and association clients across North America.

We provide consulting to help clients create a cultural blueprint for the Invisible Architecture™ of core values, corporate culture, and emotional attitude in the workplace.

The Values Coach store offers a variety of books and products on personal, professional, and organizational effectiveness.


The tools we use

The Twelve Core Action Values is a comprehensive and systematic 60-module course on values-based life and leadership skills, which serves as the base curriculum for the Values Collaborative.

The Florence Challenge is a structured process for helping hospitals promote the eight essential characteristics of a culture of ownership; the textbook is The Florence Prescription: From Accountability to Ownership (more than 80,000 copies in print).

The Self-Empowerment Pledge consists of seven life-changing promises, one for each day of the week.

The Pickle Challenge is a unique approach to eradicating toxic emotional negativity from the workplace – the way we not so long ago eradicated toxic cigarette smoke.

Our programs are supported by a wide variety of workbooks, books and eBooks, and other resources.  Titles include:

  • The Twelve Core Action Values – 410-page workbook, leader’s guide, PowerPoint presentations, and other facilitator resources
  • All Hands on Deck: 8 Essential Lessons for Building a Culture of Ownership
  • The Healing Tree and companion study guide Healing the Hospital
  • Winning the War with Yourself: Strategies for Never Being Your Own Worst Enemy


What healthcare CEOs are saying about the Values Collaborative

“I have seen very few alternatives that can have a greater impact on the culture of an organization.  Our Certified Values Coach Trainer group is incredibly fired up, and we are already hearing about amazing life changes people are making as a result of participating in the class.  It’s one of the best investments we’ve made in our people and in our organization.”

Bradley D. Neet, President/CEO
Mary Lanning Memorial HealthCare

“I have observed positive changes throughout the organization.  The Values Coach message is one of rededication to our purpose on a personal and professional level and is understood by all.  It is not a flavor of the month but is a daily reminder of  purpose and how to turn every complaint into a blessing or a constructive suggestion.  The Florence Prescription has spread like Texas wildflowers among our employees and the community.”

Patsy Youngs, Chief Executive Officer,
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman

“Values Coach has been a valued resource for Tucson Medical Center…  We’ve shared The Florence Prescription with more than 400 TMC employees – it’s gotten rave reviews and I believe is helping us foster a culture where people take values more seriously, and take a greater sense of ownership for and pride in their work.  And by guiding us in the process of crystallizing TMC’s core values and the expectations created by those values, Values Coach has helped us lay a solid foundation for our future growth and development.  We couldn’t have done it without this support.”

Judy Rich, President and CEO, Tucson Medical Center

“The Values Collaborative helps develop accountability for every aspect of our lives, be it family, work or community and has given opportunity to reflect on the important things on life and re-focusing on the main reason we are here.  This ultimately leads to more engaged employees and improved patient care.”

Shannon Sorensen, Chief Executive Officer
Brown County Hospital, Ainsworth, Nebraska

“We are rolling out the Values Collaborative Training on The Twelve Core Action Values at Community Hospital.  Our core group of Certified Values Coach Trainers has already trained our directors and coordinators, and we’ll share the course with the rest of our staff during this year.  People really appreciate that we’re doing something that helps them personally and professionally, and I know this training is helping us do a better job of serving our patients and our community.”

Jim Ulrich, Chief Executive Officer
Community Hospital, McCook, Nebraska

 “This training – which 100% of our staff have now completed – helps all of us connect with our core values and answer the questions of ‘Who am I and why was I placed on this earth?’  When we know the answers to these questions, we are better able to connect with the values of the organization and better meet the needs of our patients.”

Marty Fattig, President and CEO
Nemaha County Hospital, Auburn, Nebraska

“Brodstone Memorial Hospital is blessed with committed, responsible caregivers and employees.  The Values Collaborative was certainly the catalyst most responsible in helping us to build our culture of ownership on a foundation of values that has helped us to develop in our professional and personal lives.”

John Keelan, Chief Executive Officer
Brodstone Memorial Hospital, Superior, Nebraska

“Our participation in the Values Collaborative has started a movement of our people who are committed to empowering themselves to act upon their values.  Our department managers feel more confident in having a core set of values to assist us in holding ourselves accountable.  I have had several people tell me how their personal lives have changed and their families have noticed and told them.  I really feel this program fills a huge void in our organization that I believe also exists in our American culture, the watering down or the lack of discussion of and commitment to our values.”

Paul Utemark, Chief Executive Officer
Fillmore County Hospital, Geneva, Nebraska

 “The Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) is a proud sponsor of the Values Collaborative…  NHA staff is currently progressing thought The Twelve Core Action Values workbook to align our own values with the values of our Association so that our employees will have a sense of ownership in working on behalf of our members.  Through this Collaborative we will encourage our health care peers to be better caregivers, better colleagues, better employees and better people in every aspect of their lives.  We believe that we can transform the health care we deliver by living our values, improving our attitudes and creating an environment that fosters a strong sense of personal ownership for the well-being of our patients and our communities.   Participating in the Values Collaborative is one of the most important actions a hospital can take to prepare people for the changes we know are going to shake the rural healthcare system in the years to come.”

Laura Redoutey, President
Nebraska Hospital Association

“We are bringing the Values Collaborative to North Dakota, and I myself have completed the course to become a Certified Values Coach Trainer, because I believe this is one of the most important investments a hospital can make to foster the cultural resilience that is absolutely essential in today’s turbulent healthcare environment.”

Jerry Jurena, President
North Dakota Hospital Association