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October 21, 2020
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October 31, 2020

Courage is the Most Important Value – Especially Today!

Courage is the most important of all values in an age of anxiety! Download the flyer for Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times
Winston Churchill said that courage is the most important of all values because it is the one that makes all the others possible. C.S. Lewis took that notion one step farther by saying that courage is all of the other values at the point where they are tested.

In his 1997 book Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety Robert Gerzon wrote: “Our challenge today is essentially the same as it has been an any age, only more so – to find our own core values and to live by them. Living our lives in harmony with our highest values – values which unite us with one another rather than divide us from one another – brings serenity.”

When it comes to creating a positive and productive society, building a strong organizational culture, and fostering a caring family, starting with a strong set of commonly shared values is the core foundation. When our values are in alignment, we can achieve important goals while supporting and encouraging each other through the darkest of times. 

For more than 25 years, Values Coach has helped partnering organizations build a culture of ownership on a foundation of values. Core Action Value #4 in our course on The Twelve Core Action Values is Courage.

And we know from experience working with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals that Churchill and Lewis were both correct: courage is the one value that makes all the others possible, and it is all of the other values at the point where they are most severely tested.

That’s why we created our new program Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times and priced it at a level that’s not even a rounding error on the daily budget of a typical organization – because today more than ever the best gift you can give your people, and the most important investment you can make in your organization, is a big whopping dose of everyday courage.

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