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March 10, 2021
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March 12, 2021

Courageous Leadership in an Age of Anxiety – A Webinar

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I recently recorded a 50-minute webinar on Courageous Leadership in an Age of Anxiety, sponsored by AMN Healthcare. The recording is now online at this link. 

Courageous Leadership in an Age of Anxiety 

Here are a few of the key points that I covered: 

  • Why you must maintain relentless optimism; takeoff the rose colored glasses and see the current situation exactly as it is, but replace them with rose colored binoculars to inspire and extravagant hope for a better future (the Stockdale paradox).
  • Assess, don’t assume. There is no such thing as “survey fatigue“ – there is only fatigue with surveys that result in no action being taken.
  • Stories and symbols are far more powerful culture and shaping tools than policies and procedures; you must become a master storyteller and symbol creator.
  • From the dawn of civilization, rituals have been one of the most powerful message of establishing expectations and building culture; have fewer meetings and more rituals. 
  • Words matter! A simple phrase can capture a huge concept, including the three words I share that are an essential quality of a culture of ownership. 

Bring a virtual event to your team!
With Covid-related restrictions on travel and meetings, we have been perfecting the virtual leadership workshop. To learn more about bringing an event to your organization, contact Michelle Arduser, Director of Client Experience: 


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