Beethoven’s Genius on the Other Side of Silence and Lessons for the Pandemic
December 15, 2020
Stay Strong For Us Project Launch Set for Valentine’s Day
January 24, 2021

Covid Recovery Lessons from Mozart’s 25th Symphony

The first movement of Mozart’s 25th Symphony is all fire and fury. Its ominous opening bars set the stage for the 1985 movie Amadeus, which won 8 Academy Awards including best film (pictured here is Mozart as played by Tom Hulce).

The second movement is a warm lakeshore breeze on a sunny day. Wounds begin to be healed and grief begins to blend into remembrance. In the third movement we sense a spirit of positive optimism and cheerful enthusiasm. And the fourth movement is a triumphal march toward a brighter future.

That symphony can be seen as a metaphor for the coronavirus pandemic. We are still in the grip of the first movement with all its fire and fury. It has overwhelmed healthcare facilities, pushed caregivers to the limits of human endurance, and caused suffering beyond anything the world is seen for at least a hundred years.

We all hope and pray that with the new vaccines, we’ll begin to hear the pandemic’s second movement: a period of recuperation, rejuvenation, and reflection. And that this will set the stage for our symphony’s second half: a triumphant era of economic growth, rectification of social inequities and injustices, and healing the divisions of a badly polarized nation.

But the fire and fury of the pandemic’s first movement has not yet reached a crescendo. The Director of the Centers for Disease Control recently warned that “winter could be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation.”

The score for the latter movements of our symphonic metaphor have yet to be composed. How it ends will depend not only on how effective the vaccines are, but on how diligent people are about practicing physical distancing and wearing face masks.

If we don’t stay strong, it is still possible that as our symphony progresses genuine grief can descend into disabling depression, the search for answers can deteriorate into blame and finger-pointing, and the physical epidemic of COVID-19 can transition into a mental health epidemic of emotional damage and PTSD.

As a nation we need to stay strong not only to the end of the first movement but well into the second. Remember, Mozart also composed a requiem; if we weaken it is entirely possible that could end up being the theme song for the pandemic.

That’s why we are going to launch the Stay Strong For Us project next month. Read on for details.

Stay Strong For Us Project

The Covid19 crisis has brought out the best in caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics around the world. It has also left many battered and exhausted – and the fight is not yet over.

That’s why Values Coach is launching the Stay Strong For Us project next month. This eBook and website will include messages of hope and encouragement from healthcare leaders and thought leaders plus great strategies for personal resilience and recovery.

We are covering the entire cost of this project – there will be no charge to organizations or individuals. If you would like to be notified when we go live simply contact me at with Stay Strong in the subject line and I’ll take it from there.

Because we still have miles to go before we reach that light at the end of the tunnel, we need you to stay strong for us!

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