Plan a Culture Change Event

Culture does not change unless and until people change, and people will not change unless they are given the tools they need and the inspiration to use those tools.  The focus of the Values Coach Culture Change Event is on: 1) having every participant appreciate the personal benefit of being part of a more positive and productive culture of ownership; and 2) sharing practical tools and skills to help your people be more positive and productive themselves, both personally and professionally.

Step 1:  We begin with the Values Coach Culture Assessment Survey; this helps us have a better appreciation of the organization and allows us to make the onsite presentation more relevant to participants.  This step includes one or more conference calls with the leadership team.

Step 2: Highly recommended is to take the Florence Challenge – give every employee a copy of The Florence Prescription: From Accountability to Ownership to help begin fostering an organizational culture that is Emotionally Positive, Self Empowered, and Fully Engaged. Details and free resources are can be found at

Step 3:  A full-day leadership retreat with the entire management team during which we share results of the Cultural Assessment survey, describe the concept of Invisible Architecture™ of core values, organizational culture and workplace attitude, with special focus on how to more effectively use these for recruiting and retaining great people, inspiring great performance, and establishing a sustainable source of competitive advantage.  Every participant receives the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit Workbook and six one-hour webinars on each chapter of the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit Workbook.

Step 4:  A series of 90-minute all-employee presentations – usually over 2 days – with a goal of as close as possible to 100% participation.  These presentations describe the essential characteristics of a culture of ownership, and sharing values-based life and leadership skills. These presentations are both practical and inspirational and in many cases people make incredible life changes as a result.

Step 5:  You will receive a follow-up report with observations and recommendations for further action, and have a summation conference call scheduled.

Optional:  We can also schedule special sessions for your medical staff (highly recommended), board, volunteers and auxiliary, or other appropriate groups.

Evening Dinner: Dinner with the appropriate group from the leadership team on the evening prior to the event to review goals and process; this is for individuals to get to know each other personally and make any appropriate last-minute fine-tuning adjustments to the agenda.

The Pickle Challenge: We will launch The Florence Challenge and The Pickle Challenge for Charity (for a workplace that is free from toxic emotional negativity). Values Coach will work with your organization to define the appropriate charity (typically an employee assistance fund) and set a target, and then will commit to a matching donation amount once the target is reached. These events are always fun and spark a great deal of creativity on the part of the staff – which is visible in such activities as pickle jar decorating contests ( ).



daviddick“Joe Tye’s presentation went right to the core of what our organization must do to have the leadership capacity and adaptive skills to help our hospital meet the challenges ahead and help our community thrive. He gave us a behavior that we will change through a process called The Pickle Challenge for Charity. His presentations held the audience the entire 90 minutes and were effective in delivering the message we needed to hear.  I look forward to our continued growth and utilizing him for our next phases.”

David Dick, President & CEO, Huron Regional Medical Center


“Joe Tye and the team at Values Coach will elevate your organization to a new level.  I was impressed with how they challenge every person in our healthcare organization to improve their own personal values and that in turn drove our organizational improvements.  Values Coach provides useful tools and support for a quick tune up or total culture transformation.  Results are impressive.”

Charlie Button, CEO, Regional Medical Center