How to See the Lion in Your Mirror

The collective self-talk, self-image, and emotional baggage of the people who work in your organization constitutes an invisible, but very real, ceiling on your performance potential.  In this entertaining and inspiring presentation, Joe shares practical tools and strategies to help your people break through the fears that are holding them back, stop making excuses and giving in to self-imposed limitations, and work toward becoming their meant-to-be best selves.

Because the collective self-image and self-talk of your people forms an invisible ceiling on the performance of your organization


Some of what’s included:

  • A proven strategy to confront and rewrite negative self-talk and deliver the most important speech you ever give (the one you give to yourself all day every day).
  • How to use The Pickle Pledge™ to eradicate toxic emotional negativity.
  • How to use the seven simple promises of TheSelf-Empowerment Pledge™ to change your life for the better.
  • Strategies for transforming mere dreams and goals into Memories of the Future.
  • Special pricing on quantity orders of Joe’s book Winning the War with Yourself Field Manual


“Our franchisees are very entrepreneurial folks who… are always on the lookout for inspirational and motivational tips to run their business more effectively and more efficiently.  Joe’s presentation was the perfect blend for them – part inspiration and part motivation but yet very practical.  His energy was contagious.  His knowledge was very deep and very broad.  And his delivery was very entertaining.  As one of our franchisees said at the end of the meeting ‘if you couldn’t find something great about Joe’s presentation, you were either sleeping or you weren’t really here.’  It’s our hope that we get the opportunity to invite Joe back for an encore performance very soon.”

– Allen B. Weber, Chief Operating Officer, Iowa Subway Development



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