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August 10, 2020
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August 23, 2020

Don’t circle the emotional drain! It has never been more important for leaders to ask, listen, and respond!

A Values Coach colleague took this screenshot from a cell phone, the only way we could see it in post-storm Iowa

Earlier this week my colleague and coauthor Bob Dent conducted a webinar for Sigma, publisher of the new second edition of Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare. (I was scheduled to join but the storm that blew across Iowa took down our power, internet, and telephone service that day.)

One of the questions we asked was: “What percent of paid hours in your organization do think are wasted on Toxic Emotional Negativity (TEN)?” The majority response was more than 20%.

That is one full day of a 5-day workweek!

To be sure, people are anxious, frustrated, and exhausted. But is imperative that leaders not allow their cultures to start circling the emotional drain.

We hear from leaders that this is not a good time to survey, but it has never been more important to ask people how they are doing, listen closely to what they tell you, and let them know what you are going to do about it.

We hear from leaders this is not a good time for training, but it has never been more important to inspire people and to equip them with skills for courage, perseverance, and resilience.  

This is why on September 7th Values Coach will launch the Culture Renewal Project featuring our new course Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times
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