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May 12, 2021
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May 25, 2021

Double Down on Culture in Turbulent Times

Kit Bredimus, VP and CNO at Midland Memorial Hospital at their Culture of Ownership Classroom

“Culture [cannot] be sacrificed in a crisis. A culture left untended will go someplace the leader does not want it to go, and once it does, it’s impossible to get back.”

Admiral Eric Olson: “The war on the coronavirus” McKinsey Quarterly, June 2020

Last week I spent three days at Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, Texas. We have partnered with Midland Health since 2014 and have been privileged to be part of an incredible cultural transformation success story (see case study below).
One thing I consistently heard while onsite was how their investment in building a Culture of Ownership has helped them weather the pandemic. In a survey of the medical staff, 9 of 10 respondents agreed that the Culture of Ownership not only improved employee morale, it also enhanced clinical quality (if you work in healthcare, you know how remarkable that sort of medical staff unanimity on matters of culture is).

When I speak about building a more positive Culture of Ownership (which I will do tomorrow in my webinar for the Association of California Nurse Leaders – see below for details), I almost always reference Midland Health as an example. When Bob Dent and I wrote the book Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare (2-time AJN Book of the Year Awardee), we referenced culture strategies used by the Midland Health leadership team.

So to me, it was frankly no surprise that one of the first organizations to call for our help in revitalizing their culture in the post-pandemic era was Midland Health – an organization that, on paper, needed it least.

There’s a crucial lesson here: It is most important for you to invest in culture (of your organization, your department, your work unit) at precisely the time that staffing, workload, and other challenging circumstances make it hardest to do. The best organizations find a way and do it anyway.

Download the Midland Health Culture of Ownership Case Study

Culture of Ownership Webinar Tomorrow!
Join me tomorrow for a 90-minute webinar on Building a Culture of Ownership in the Post-Pandemic World, sponsored by the Association of California Nurse Leaders. We’ll talk about how you can move your organization from a culture of accountability toward a Culture of Ownership. Register here: https://acnl.org/page/webinars

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