The Power of Everyday Courage -A Halloween 2020 Message
October 31, 2020
Everyday Courage for a VUCA World: Move from Resilience to Prosilience
November 11, 2020

Everyday Courage Every Day

I once read that 99% commitment is the most painful condition in human experience while 100% commitment is the most liberating. 

You cannot 99% jump off a high board. 

When you pursue a goal with 100% commitment it becomes a Memory of the Future (one of the 21 lessons in our new course on Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times).

Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times features 21 ten-minute video lessons, 12 eBooks, Leader’s Guide, and Participant Study Guide. We also provide complimentary consulting to help you make sure the course is optimally implemented and shared with your team.
In the week since Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times was released, the following organizations have signed up to share this incredibly powerful course with everyone on their teams. 

  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYC)
  • Cape Coral Hospital (Lee Health, Florida)
  • Children’s Hospital New Orleans (LA)
  • York Hospital (WellSpan Health, Pennsylvania)
  • Mt. Carmel College of Nursing (Ohio)

As a leader (and we can all be leaders with or without a management title) you know that your people are anxious, exhausted, and in many cases burned-out or perilously close to being so.
I created Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times precisely because that’s what we’ve been hearing from all points of the country at every level of virtually every organization. 

Respond to this email and I’d be happy to send you a copy of the detailed Study Guide so you can know exactly what is in the course and how it can help your people face the challenges of today with courage and perseverance, and cultivate what I call Prosilience – prospective resilience.

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