The Success Principles Words Matter - Especially These Words
The Success Principles – Words Matter – Especially These Words
June 14, 2022
why laughter matters now more than ever
Worry (and humor)Why Laughter Matters Now More than Ever
June 14, 2022

The second Gratitude Symposium hosted by Quint Studer is now open! Registration is free and gives you and your team access to presentations from 49 authorities on health and wellness, personal empowerment, and culture and leadership – all focused on gratitude. Here’s the link to learn more and to register:

The Gratitude Symposium

This year my session is on how The Pickle Pledge fosters a more positive mindset by replacing resentment with gratitude, and how The Pickle Challenge for Charity promotes a more positive culture by turning complaints (a reflection of resentment) into contributions (a reflection of gratitude).

My presentation features real world examples of how The Pickle Challenge for Charity has had a positive cultural impact, including Midland Health (Midland, Texas), Children’s Hospital New Orleans, and Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children’s (San Antonio, Texas).

My session has not yet been posted on the Symposium website but it’s on YouTube at this link (or click on the screenshot below). To make it easier to share in staff meetings or huddles, the video is divided into these four sections:

  1. Gratitude and the ultimate paradox of life (Start to 5:35)
  1. Gratitude nourishes, resentment corrodes (5:35 to 13:23)
  1. The Pickle Pledge for a more positive mindset (13:23 to 22:40)
  1. The Pickle Challenge for a more positive culture (22:40 to 32:42)

The Pickle Challenge is fun, it’s free, and it has made a huge difference for thousands of people and hundreds of organizations. Learn more at: