Perseverance in the Red Zone
Perseverance inthe Red Zone
June 14, 2022
gratitude and the pickle challenge
Gratitude and The Pickle Challenge
June 14, 2022

The Success Principles – Words Matter – Especially These Words

This is the 29th in a series of posts in which I share thoughts on a book that has inspired me over the years.

Adding the letter T to the word can is like putting an umbrella over a picnic table. It blocks out the sunshine of possibility.

Any time you hear yourself saying, or thinking, those words, remind yourself that you are probably lying to yourself.

What you really mean is I don’t want to, or it would be difficult, or I’m too concerned about what other people might think, or there are other things that I would rather do, or (fill in the blank with your favorite excuse).

The words I can’t are disempowering. Adding the word yet can make them empowering.

I can’t yet raises the question of what you must do to remove the umbrella that’s blocking out your sun. Answer that question – how can I turn no into yes? – then act upon the answer.

Proceed Until Apprehended: Leadership for What Matters

We’re just heading back from the annual conference of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership where the 12 volunteers who helped staff our exhibit hall booth gave away 500 copies of the 60-page preview of my forthcoming book Proceed Until Apprehended: Leadership for What Matters.

Those words – Proceed Until Apprehended – are an antidote to I can’t. The eBook version of the preview can now be downloaded from our website – click on the book cover.

Proceed Until Apprehended e-preview