attitude is - almost - everything
Attitude is – Almost – Everything
June 14, 2022
Evidence Plus Imagination Creates Innovation
Evidence Plus Imagination Creates Innovation
June 14, 2022

Attitude is not everything but it’s close. A great attitude will not make you a great heart surgeon if you haven’t gone to medical school, but a lousy attitude will make you a poor heart surgeon.

This graphic is abstracted from my article “Living Your Values in Challenging Times” which will be in the April 2022 edition of the journal Nurse Leader. Key points include:

1. The pandemic has created unparalleled moral dilemmas for health care leaders and caregivers, impinging upon their ability to honor and practice their core values.

2. Health care leaders should reassess their organization’s core values and the cultural and behavioral expectations they establish, and also encourage individual team members to crystallize and act upon their own personal values.

3. The article concludes with seven recommendations for health care leaders to revitalize values in their organizations and in their team members.

The online version of the article is available now and can be downloaded at this link.

AONL 2022 Conference – The Values Pavilion!

If you are planning to attend the 2022 conference of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership in April, be sure to stop by our Values Pavilion in the exhibit hall. You won’t want to miss it (actually, if you come to the hall you won’t be able to miss it – it’s 600 square feet and the first thing you’ll see when you come through the door).

We’ll be giving away copies of my books The Florence Prescription and Stay Strong For Us (while supplies last) plus other great stuff.