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May 25, 2016
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June 2, 2016

From Great to Darn Near Perfect – The New 100 Day Challenge

Every day I watch one of the video lessons from The 100 Day Challenge – I’m currently on my third complete run-through. And over the past several years I’ve become friends with its creator, Gary Ryan Blair. We have spoken at each other’s conferences and I consider him to be a coach and advisor.


I’ve previously encouraged Spark Plug readers to join me in taking The Challenge, and I really didn’t think it could get any better. But Gary has spent the past year giving the course a complete overhaul. This is a huge update that includes 100 new lessons, more than 50 added-value bonuses, an eye-popping new design, as well as incredible new functions for recording, tracking and measuring performance. It also includes new features for mobile devices.


Gary says that if you want to achieve any goal quickly, it’s almost always best to follow a formula. Why? Because once validated, a formula is a repeatable process that virtually guarantees success time after time. In anything you do – cooking, writing, growing a business or running a marathon – there are existing formulas for success. I know of no better formula for, in Gary’s words, Starting Fast and Finishing Strong than The 100 Day Challenge.


And today Gary Ryan Blair is doing something he’s never done before. Because of our friendship, Gary is letting Spark Plug readers kick the tires of the new 100 Day Challenge for just $1 for a 10-day trial, with the $176 balance to be paid when you continue the course (which based on feedback from other Spark Plug readers who have taken the course, I am quite confident you will do). Check it out: