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April 1, 2019
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How to Choose the Right Energy Bar – Values Make all the Difference

PowerBar website – it’s all about us
Clif Bar website – it’s all about others

At an airport snack shop several days ago I was faced with making a choice between buying a PowerBar or a Clif Bar. Having had a bit of time before my next flight, I decided to check out each company’s website. More specifically, what each company said about their core values on their website.

PowerBar had the prettier graphics, but doing a search for “core values” took me to the “About Us” page which was, well, all about them. All about what a great company they are, what great products they make, and how they make the people who buy those products great.

At the Clif Bar website I learned that they call their core values “Aspirations” and, as shown in the illustration below, these aspirations include commitments to their business and their products, but also to their people, their communities, and our environment.

I bought a Clif Bar.

Question #1: If your kid had a choice between going to work for PowerBar or Clif Bar, and all you knew about each company was what you saw on their website, which job would you encourage him or her to take?

Question #2: Compare what your organization’s website says about values and culture with the values claimed by your toughest competitor. Which organization do you think other parents would recommend their kids go to work for, if all they knew was what you and Brand X had posted about values and culture on their respective websites?

Question #3: If your answer to Question #2 is Brand X, and not your organization, what are you going to do about it? If you’re not sure, send me an email ( and I’ll be happy to give you a few suggestions.

Clif Bar Aspirations

We help hospitals and health systems build a more positive Culture of Ownership on a Foundation of Values

Learn more by downloading our flyer for the Values and Culture Project, and see results from another successful venture in the Midland Health case study.

Then send me an email or call our offices at 319-624-3889 to see how we can help your organization the way we are helping Children’s Hospital of New Orleans and many others to build a more positive Culture of Ownership.

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