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November 20, 2020
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December 4, 2020

How Your Brain Makes You Stupid

Dumpster, our 16-year-old office mascot who was fortunately too slow to catch the coyote
When he was a puppy 16 years ago, our beloved dog Dumpster was rescued from a garbage dumpster. He’s been ours ever since. He’s watched over a household that’s been home to every sort of rescue animal imaginable, and served as our loyal office mascot at Values Coach.

Last year Dumpster was viciously attacked by two other dogs and nearly died. He spent more than a week in a vet clinic intensive care unit and still walks with a limp; you can see the scars on his hind leg.

Yesterday I let Dumpster out into our front yard. Now, Dumpster does not have a mean bone in his body. He would rather chase a ball than chase a rabbit or a squirrel.

But yesterday he took off like a bat out of hell chasing after a coyote that had been watching us from the woods. I can usually walk faster than Dumpster can run, but yesterday I could barely keep up with him at a dead run. Fortunately, he ran out of gas before he could reach the coyote, who stopped at a distance looking at Dumpster the way I look at a quarter-pounder with cheese.

Had Dumpster caught that lethal predator, he would have – once again – been torn to shreds. But his reptilian brain overrode everything experience should have taught him. Lucky for him the coyote was faster or he would have been torn to shreds. Again.

There’s an important lesson here for you and me. In emotionally charged times like these, people are more likely to make decisions and take actions not in their own best interests.

That’s why you should sign your team up for Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times. These 21 lessons on courage and perseverance will help your people avoid making decisions and taking actions that are manifestly not in their own best interests. Details are on the Values Coach website:

Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times

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