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November 11, 2020
Now Normal is the New Normal
November 20, 2020

In Praise of Band-Aids

Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times

I recently spoke with a leader at one of the organizations that’s sharing our new course Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times with their people. She told me that someone remarked that with the magnitude of the crisis engulfing our world, a course on courage skills was just a band-aid. 

That is, of course, quite true. This course is a band-aid.

Consider the purpose of the band-aid. It’s immediate function is to stop the bleeding. Its longer term function is to prevent the further harm of infection. It will not make the cut go away, but we are thankful for what it does do.

That is an important lesson for leadership in times of crisis.Sometimes the best you can do is apply a band-aid. And sometimes as a leader that is exactly what you should do.

Putting a band-aid on a hurt shows that you care.

That band-aid might help someone carry on for another day.

It might stop someone from circling the emotional drain.

A band-aid doesn’t cost very much at all. 

And it does not require much of a time investment to apply. 

It might, to stretch the metaphor, allow someone to go home and spend time with their family instead of having to go to urgent care for stitches. 

So yes, Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times is like a band-aid.

But it’s a band-aid that some of your people desperately need. 

So the fact that Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times is like a band-aid is a good thing. It is inexpensive – just pennies per employee. It does not require a lot of time – just 10 minutes or so per week. It provides immediate benefit to those who apply it, and for some that benefit will be long-lasting.

So please download this flyer, which includes a complete course outline and sign up your organization. 

Because someone where you work needs the Everyday Courage band-aid, and needs it now.
Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times flyer

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