Incorporating the The Twelve Core Action Values into your daily activities

*Make Pocket cards with the Self-Empowerment Pledge and Organization’s Core Values

*At the time clock post a value for the week and have people sign it when they punch in.

*Traveling trophy.  Each month a department recommends another department for the award based on how they lived up to that month’s value.  There is a form they have to fill out.

*Recite the Self-Empowerment Pledge each morning and/or before shifts begin.

*Do a news article in your monthly newsletter about one of the values and how an employee exemplified living that value.

*Have wall hangings in the hospital with customized letters for each of the Twelve Core Action Values and how they related to your organization’s values.

*A message of the week that shows up when you first turn on your computer.

*Pass the Twelve Core Action Values buttons onto someone who is exemplifying one of the values.

*Discuss what the organizations values mean to you at your meetings and how they can be weaved into the Twelve Core Values.

*Draw a button for the day and that is the value everyone focuses on.

*Do a quote of the week regarding a value. Have the employees submit it.

*Then put the quotes on a tray card and hand out to the patients on their food tray.

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