Do you get to work or have to work?
March 24, 2016

Low Self Esteem and Personal Accountability

I will take complete responsibility for my health, my happiness, my success and my life, and will not blame others for my problems or predicaments.

Tuesday’s Promise on Responsibility

Full disclosure: Of all seven promises of The Self Empowerment Pledge, this one is for me the most challenging to keep. In all likelihood that will also be the case for you. But I will also tell you this – the degree to which I am able to keep this promise made to myself, the more effectively I am able to keep the other six promises. In all likelihood that will also be the case for you.

Low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, and pathological worrying about what you think other people might think of you are three of YOWE’s most potent weapons preventing you from taking risks, asking for help, and taking action to achieve your goals, realize your dreams, and fulfill your destiny.

Not liking yourself, not believing in yourself, and assuming that other people don’t like you or  believe in you can become a deterrent more powerful than any brick wall or iron bars you will ever run into. These qualities end up being your excuse for laziness and cowardice. You don’t try because you assume that you’ll fail; you don’t ask because you assume you’ll be rejected.

To keep this promise you must be tough with yourself by holding yourself to high standards and expectations, but not be tough on yourself when you don’t always live up to those standards and expectations. When you hold yourself accountable, you don’t have to worry about other people doing it for you by looking over your shoulder, cracking the whip at your back, or holding your feet to the fire.

Keep this promise for long enough and it will change everything: How you see yourself, how you face challenges and pursue opportunities, and the confidence level you have in building relationships with others.


This article is adapted from my forthcoming new book Winning the War with Yourself Field Manual – a free autographed copy is included when you sign up for the PledgePower course because the non-negotiable first step to being a self empowered person is to never be Your Own Worst Enemy.