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May 14, 2020
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Managing Self-Talk in the Time of COVID-19

Typical responses to this live polling question that I include in presentations on values-based life and leadership skills – 7 of 10 people have a constant struggle with negative self-talk

Every week since the coronavirus pandemic started, I’ve been sending a message to our Certified Values Coach Trainers (CVCT) across the country: a refresher or reminder of how they can share a particular lesson from The Twelve Core Action Values with coworkers, family, and others to help them cope with the extraordinary challenges of today. 

This week I sent a 7-minute webinar on a subject of such great importance that I want to share it with everyone: the why and how of reprogramming negative self-talk. Here are some of the key points I made:

  • Why confronting negative self talk is more difficult, but also more important, in times of high anxiety.
  • Why the human mind automatically gravitates toward negative, frightening and depressing thought patterns unless it is being consciously directed into more positive mental channels.
  • Why negative self talk is not really talking to yourself but rather listening to the malignant echo of someone else’s words.
  • How to use Metaphorical Visualization to represent the mental graffiti of negative self talk so that it can be reprogrammed by The Janitor in Your Attic.
  • Why you need to change the lies that you are telling yourself about yourself from bad lies to good lies.

Watch the 7-Minute Webinar

The way that your “new normal” evolves will be profoundly influenced by the ongoing dialog in “the attic” of your mind. Make sure that you are listening to the voice of your Authentic Self and not malignant echoes of a painful past.

The Florence Prescription now available in hardcopy and audiobook! 

In response to many reader requests, we now have an audiobook edition of The Florence Prescription. Diana Cossi is a brilliant narrator who really brings to life Florence and the other characters in the book to life.

The Florence Prescription is available in both hardcopy and audiobook formats at The Florence Challenge website

PS: For a real world example of how the CNO of Children’s Hospital New Orleans used The Florence Prescription to spark positive culture change, check out the article Boundary Spanning: Removing Barriers for More Effective Interprofessional Teams by Jamie Wiggins and Demetrius Porche in the current edition of the AONL journal Voice of Nursing Leadership.

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