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Meet Todd Spohn – New Values Coach Vice President of Operations and Manager of our Culture Renewal Project

I’m very happy to announce that Todd Spohn has joined our team at Values Coach as Vice President of Operations. In this role he will help our healthcare partners implement strategies for building a more positive Culture of Ownership while helping us expand our reach and impact in the healthcare field.

Prior to joining Values Coach, Todd was Global Director of Business Development for Talent Plus. Before that he was a Director for the Governance Institute at NRC Health. Todd has worked with hospitals and health systems across the country around culture, employee engagement, patient experience and leadership development. He lives in Lincoln with his wife and their three small children.

Todd will be a key player in our new Culture Renewal Project
Every organization’s culture has been, and continues to be, stressed and challenged by the triple whammy of three “black swan” events in just the past five months (coronavirus pandemic, economic shock, and social unrest). We have designed the Culture Renewal Plan to help you:

  • Assess the emotional temperature of your team and begin to heal the cultural trauma caused by the anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, and discouragement that many people are feeling today.
  • Celebrate the camaraderie, teamwork, pride, creativity and innovation that has blossomed in the face of this crisis, and help you make sure that these qualities are sustained in your “new normal” as that evolves.
  • Prepare your people to have the confidence, optimism, resilience and mental toughness that will be needed to handle the next crisis (including the likelihood of a COVID-19 resurgence) that will inevitably hit your organization.

To learn more about the Culture Renewal Project, or to just say hello, email Todd at Todd@ValuesCoach.com.

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