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From a Culture of Accountability to a Culture of Ownership

Joe’s most popular topic for hospital audiences covers essential characteristics for building a culture of ownership, including practical ideas for implementing these strategies in your organization, and real world examples for each.

Because nobody ever checks the oil in a rental car!

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Building a Culture of Ownership on a Foundation of Values

You will learn why having a culture of ownership is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage. Joe draws lessons from the legendary business leaders included in his book All Hands on Deck, as well as from contemporary success stories in business, healthcare, and the nonprofit world.

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Stay Ahead of the Coming Talent Crunch

One of your biggest challenges as a healthcare leader now and in years to come is going to be finding and keeping great talent. A recent study from Leaders for Today reported that “hospitals face unprecedented turnover and attrition rates”. The crunch is coming and hospitals need to get ready. If you don’t have a great culture – a culture of ownership that inspires commitment and loyalty – that is going to be a serious challenge indeed. And a very expensive challenge. The cost of turnover can be 5% or more of a hospital’s total operating cost. In this informative, inspiring, and example-rich presentation Joe shares a proven model and essential strategies to recruit, inspire, and retain great talent.

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How to See the Lion in Your Mirror

The collective self-talk, self-image, and emotional baggage of the people who work in your organization constitutes an invisible, but very real, ceiling on your performance potential. In this entertaining and inspiring presentation, Joe shares practical tools and strategies to help your people break through the fears that are holding them back, stop making excuses and giving in to self-imposed limitations, and work toward becoming their meant-to-be best selves.

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The Pickle Challenge for Charity

How to transform your culture one attitude at a time by helping your people transform complaints into contributions. The Pickle Challenge unleashes incredible creativity  while giving people new tools and language to confront toxic emotional negativity in the workplace. See examples at The Pickle Challenge.  



Blueprinting Your Invisible Architecture™

Half-day or full-day leadership retreat to create a Cultural Blueprint for your Invisible Architecture of core values, organizational culture, and workplace attitude.  All participants receive a hardcopy of the Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit Workbook, the Culture Mapping Schematic Tool, and access to six one hour webinars on cultural blueprinting.


The INSPIRED Approach to a Culture of Ownership

This 3-day onsite event begins with a Culture Assessment Survey conducted by Values Coach. The first day is a full-day leadership program on cultural blueprinting and creating a culture of ownership. The second and third (and fourth for larger organizations) days feature a series of inspirational 90-minute presentations for all employees. (This is our 3-day event – Download the flyer here )

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