Stay Ahead of the Coming Talent Crunch


One of your biggest challenges as a healthcare leader now and in years to come is going to be finding and keeping great talent. A recent study from Leaders for Today reported that “hospitals face unprecedented turnover and attrition rates.” The crunch is coming and hospitals need to get ready.

If you don’t have a great culture – a culture of ownership that inspires commitment and loyalty – that is going to be a serious challenge indeed. And a very expensive challenge. The cost of turnover can be 5% or more of a hospital’s total operating cost.



Some of what’s included:

  • Why you cannot treat Recruiting and Retention with the same motivational hot buttons (RecruitingandRetention is not one word!). The Honey and Glue Formula for attracting and retaining the best talent.
  • Why you need a Cultural Blueprint for the Invisible Architecture™ of your organization.
  • Why your statement of values might be turning off Millennials (and others) and how to craft a values statement that becomes a powerful recruiting resource.
  • What you can learn from Silicon Valley culture code innovations.
  • Why attitude really is everything and why you should hire for attitude, train for attitude, and evaluate for attitude.
  • The downside of an excessive emphasis on a culture of accountability, why you should move toward a Culture of Ownership, and how to spark the journey.
  • How Midland Memorial Hospital used the principles described in this presentation to achieve record-high patient satisfaction, a 32% reduction overall RN turnover (43% for nurses in their first 2 years of employment), and a $7.2 million annual Cultural Productivity Benefit.


“Joe Tye is an amazing speaker! He gave the opening keynote address at our conference and he set the tone for the rest of the conference. His message was inspiring.  His enthusiasm was contagious. Participants touted his praises during the entire conference. He also presented a concurrent workshop and those attendees were equally impressed. We have recommended Joe to other colleagues. We would gladly hire him again and again.”

Catherine Futrell Davis, Education Specialist, Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management


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