Covid Recovery Lessons from Mozart’s 25th Symphony
December 21, 2020
Stay Strong For Us for a While Longer
January 24, 2021

Stay Strong For Us Project Launch Set for Valentine’s Day

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many healthcare workers to the edge of human endurance. While vaccines, and hopefully President Biden’s encouragement that people be more responsible about wearing face masks, offer the promise of a “light at the end of the tunnel,” there is still a long, cold and dark tunnel to be traversed before we get there.

For many people, especially healthcare workers in the hardest hit areas of the country, that light at the end of the tunnel is flickering just at the time we most need them to stay strong for those they serve. And even if the Covid-19 virus were eradicated today, the physical, emotional, and financial distress it has created will be with us for a very long time. For example:

  • The recent NurseGrid/AORN report about the pandemic’s toll on nursing says that “the constant stress is taking its toll, with 61% expressing concern about burnout as compared to only 25% in April.”
  • In Why Cope When You Can Heal Dr. Mark Goulson and Diana Hendel warn that “the healthcare industry may have a serious mental health crisis on its hands in the near future. COVID-19 was the earthquake. Widespread cases of PTSD in healthcare providers are the aftershocks.”
  • As reported in the January 15 edition of Helio, “More than half of health care workers involved in COVID-19 care may be at risk for one or more mental health problems, according to study results published in Journal of Psychiatric Research.”
  •  It’s not just healthcare workers. As Fareed Zakaria wrote in Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World, “Covid-19 is having deep and lasting effects on each of us, repercussions we cannot yet fully grasp.”

That is why we are working on the Stay Strong For Us project that will be launched – with love – on Valentine’s Day. This website and eBook will feature messages of hope and inspiration from more than a hundred healthcare leaders and leading authors plus practical strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and emotional fatigue. Values Coach is covering the entire development cost so there will be no charge to individuals or organizations.

Do you have a Covid-19 story you’d like to share with the world? Go to the Stay Strong For Us Contributing Author page for details.

You can start now by joining the growing number of organizations that are sharing our Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times program with their people. Details at the Values Coach website.

That’s why we are going to launch the Stay Strong For Us project next month. Read on for details.

Stay Strong For Us Project

The Covid19 crisis has brought out the best in caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics around the world. It has also left many battered and exhausted – and the fight is not yet over.

That’s why Values Coach is launching the Stay Strong For Us project next month. This eBook and website will include messages of hope and encouragement from healthcare leaders and thought leaders plus great strategies for personal resilience and recovery.

We are covering the entire cost of this project – there will be no charge to organizations or individuals. If you would like to be notified when we go live simply contact me at with Stay Strong in the subject line and I’ll take it from there.

Because we still have miles to go before we reach that light at the end of the tunnel, we need you to stay strong for us!

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