Avoiding the Number One Time Mistake
June 16, 2016
Preventing the 4 Monster Regrets
June 22, 2016

The 4 Monster Regrets (and how to avoid them)

No one on their deathbed says that they wish they had watched more TV or spent more time sitting in front of a slot machine.

No one on their deathbed says that they wish they had spent more money shopping for things that they didn’t need.

Nope, everyone regrets the same four things – these 4 monster regrets.

Regret #1: Relationships
I wish I’d spent more time with family and friends.

Regret #2: Experiences
I wish I’d traveled more, written my book, started my own business, gone to graduate school, done more to experience my life.

Regret #3: Finances
I wish I’d spent less, save more prudently, and invested more wisely.

Regret #4: Health
If I’d known that I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself.

Avoiding the 4 Monster Regrets
Tomorrow I will share 4 practical ideas that you can immediately implement – no matter your current age or condition – to help you avoid (or at least minimize) these 4 monster regrets.