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June 26, 2020
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July 15, 2020

The Culture Renewal Project

How Values Coach can help you help your people get through all of this and emerge stronger and more resilient

“Though we could not have foreseen this when we started, the focus on personal values has also helped our people more effectively manage the emotional anxiety and stress being caused by the coronavirus crisis and economic downturn.”

Russell Meyers, President and CEO
Midland Health, Midland, Texas

We’ve heard variations on Russell’s comment from people at many of the organizations we’ve partnered with for an intensive Values & Culture Project.
But demands of coping with the coronavirus pandemic and associated economic fallout, coupled with restrictions on meetings and classroom size, make it challenging to initiate a significant culture change initiative.
What most hospitals, and most other organizations, need right now is something that: 

  • Gives leadership an instant pulse check on the emotional climate of the organization.
  • Has an immediate impact on personal resilience and a sustained positive influence on workplace culture.
  • Does not require onsite meetings, and is both inexpensive and cost-effective.

That’s why we developed the Culture Renewal Project.

We use our validated VCI-17 Culture Assessment Survey – administered separately for management and all employees – to give you an unvarnished window into how your people perceive your culture – and the impact of the current crisis.

We deliver a detailed consulting report that analyzes your results, including a comparison with our national data base, and provides recommendations.

We work with your leadership team to create an organization-specific plan for rejuvenating your people and sustaining your culture, then provide ongoing consulting support for implementation of that plan.

We provide you with resources to help you foster personal resilience, perspective, grit, and mental toughness.

And because we know how important this will be for your organization and your team, we provide this at a fraction of the investment would have been pre-covid19.

Please download the flyer and watch the short introductory video. Share it with your CEO or other appropriate member of your leadership team. Then email Michelle Arduser, or call our office at 319-624-3889, to sign up or to learn more.

Download the flyer
Watch the video