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Courageous Leadership is NOT About Being a Superhero
September 17, 2021
Covid Earthquake
The Covid Earthquake and its Lasting Aftershocks
September 19, 2021

It’s been said that leaders are readers and readers become leaders. Sadly, for most of us reading has taken a backseat to keeping up with email and social media and surfing the web. Even when we read books online, we often find ourselves clicking on links that take us to somewhere else, derailing the flow of the narrative. Sometimes we never find our way back.

I recently made a list of 150 books that have inspired me. These are the books that could change your life if you only had time to read them. Over the next year I’ll be sharing what I found to be the most meaningful passage from each book in my Spark Plug email newsletter as well as on LinkedIn. 

I start today with The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Steve is a good friend, and one of my favorite authors for both fiction and nonfiction. Another reason I begin with Steve is that I stole this idea from watching his “Books I Love” videos. Check out Steve’s latest book, blogs, and more at:

The War of Art is one of the most important books I’ve ever read (and reread and listened to as an audiobook). I’ve given away hundreds of copies, including to anyone who tells me that they want to write a book of their own and is sufficiently serious about it that they let me purchase a copy in advance (thus creating a contractual obligation that they will go through with it). 

My original copy of The War of Art has underlining and highlighting on almost every single page, so it was difficult to select the most meaningful passage. For me, and I’m betting for you as well, the inspiration that you need most is encapsulated in the quote above about overcoming procrastination.

How about you? Which books have most inspired you? Send me an email or a direct message on LinkedIn and I’ll add your selection to my list.

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By the way, Steve is one of over 100 contributing authors in the free eBook edition of Stay Strong For Us. Please share this resource with your team. When I put this together early in the pandemic, I had hoped it would become quickly obsolete. Tragically, the message is more important now than ever before.

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