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The Missing Link in Your Organizational Values – and How to Gain Greater Alignment

How The Twelve Core Action Values reinforce the CHNOLA values of Children’s Hospital New Orleans

“People who are clearest about their personal vision and values are significantly more committed to their organizations.”

James Kouzes and Barry Posner: A Leader’s Legacy

If there’s a gap between the values posted on your organization’s website and the attitudes and behaviors of people who work there, the problem probably isn’t in your values statement. It’s that people have not aligned their own personal values with those organizational values. And that’s often because they have not made the effort to clarify what their personal values are, and to monitor how those values are, or are not, reflected in their work, in their relationships, and in their lives.

The Twelve Core Action Values is a 60-module course on values-based life and leadership skills. The title of the workbook we use for the course is These Are Your Values. These are personal values that we all aspire to practice regardless of particular religious belief, political opinion, or any other factor.

From Authenticity (Core Action Value #1) through Leadership (Core Action Value #12), these are the values that your people want to emulate and to teach their children. These are the values that you want to see reflected in how your people treat customers and each other. We often hear people say that this course is graduate school for life, or graduate school for the seven habits.

The 10-foot banner pictured above will be displayed at the Certified Values Coach Trainer (CVCT) course we will be conducting at Children’s Hospital New Orleans (CHNOLA) next week. Seventy CHNOLA team members who are broadly representative of the hospital will complete our 4-day course on The Twelve Core Action Values (we will also have guest observers from four other hospitals and one federal agency).

The CVCTs will then team-teach the course to everyone else in the organization, and it will also become an integral part of new employee orientation. And as people practice those values – from Authenticity to Leadership – it will inevitably reinforce their commitment to the CHNOLA values of the organization.

To learn more about how preparing a team of Certified Values Coach Trainers to teach The Twelve Core Action Values can reinforce the values of your organization, call 319-624-3889 or email me directly – Before you do, download this one-page fact sheet. Thanks!

Fact Sheet on The Twelve Core Action Values