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April 14, 2016
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The Power of a PledgePartner


Bob Dent and me at the Big Pickle that stands guard at the employee entrance of Midland Memorial Hospital

One of the features of the PledgePower course on The Self Empowerment Pledge is that once you sign up, you can have someone else sign up as your PledgePartner for half-price.

That person also receives a link to the course plus a set of Pledge wristbands and the book I mention below. Then you enter a formal agreement, which you can download from the website, to hold each other to the Pledge Promises you will each be making every day.

The first time I took the course (yes, I take and repeat the course – even though I wrote it I still need the reminders as much as you and everyone else) my PledgePartner was my good friend Bob Dent. Bob is COO/CNO of Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, Texas and is a national leader in the nursing profession.

We shared our goals with each other and made the commitment that we would fulfill the terms of the PledgePartner agreement in helping the other achieve that goal. Bob’s goal was to lose 100 pounds and my goal was to finally finish a book that had been sitting on the back burner for about ten years.

Every day Bob and I would review that day’s module from the online PledgePower course, wear our wristband for that day’s promise, and send each other a text describing what we were doing to achieve our respective goals.

Today Bob is 105 pounds lighter than he was a year ago (look at that svelte man in the picture above!) and I have recently published Winning the War with Yourself Field Manual – turning a 10-year work-in-progress into something that can actually help other people achieve their goals (and that for a limited time serves as a free bonus for signing up for the PledgePower course).

I have previously written about the downside of hierarchical accountability (and no doubt will again). Far more powerful than the sort of boss-to-subordinate, parent-to-child relationship that we typically associate with that word is the power of us individually holding ourselves and each other – including our PledgePartners – to do the work to achieve our goals.

Having someone else help you hold yourself accountable – whether you call that person a PledgePartner, an Accountability Buddy, or just doing what real friends do – is the power that underlies every support group and every coaching relationship.

winningthewarPledgePower and My Promise to You

Here’s the deal. Sign up for the PledgePower course (it’s just $79 – and half price for your PledgePartner). Identify a key goal and then devote 15 minutes a day for 21 days putting on your wristband, saying the promise, watching that day’s video lesson, and sending a message to your PledgePartner.

I will send you the two free bonus books (including an autographed copy of the new one) and a set of wristbands plus a link to the 21 video modules. If after one month you have not made remarkable progress toward achieving your goal, just let me know and I’ll refund the 79 bucks and you can keep everything you’ve received.

Please take a minute to review the course outline at the PledgePower website and ask yourself if the course will help you (and your PledgePartner). Feel free to email me with questions.