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October 24, 2020
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November 6, 2020

The Power of Everyday Courage -A Halloween 2020 Message

History does not record the name, or the fate, of this one brave German who refused to give the Hitler salute

Many of the men in this undated photograph taken after Hitler’s rise to absolute power in Germany subsequently died in combat at places like Stalingrad, Kursk, Normandy, and for those very few who lived long enough, at the Battle of Berlin. They died, many of them, performing acts of physical courage and knowing that they were taking on a mortal risk in doing so.

But there is only one hero in this picture.

The man who refused to salute the dictator, who refused to join the mob in shouting Heil Hitler.

The man who placed a commitment to personal values above his own personal safety.

The man who refused to be part of a culture that had been poisoned by hatred and fear.

The many whose quiet dignity said more about real courage than the martial shouts of the men who surrounded him.

Halloween is a day where scary costumes and fake skeletons and ghost stories make us think of fear. The real test of our courage resumes next week when we make fundamental decisions about whether we have the courage to tackle the very real, and very frightening, problems of this world.

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And please send this information about Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times to the leaders where you work, because it matters now more than ever.

Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times

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