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October 14, 2020
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October 24, 2020

The Ultimate Paradox in Life

Whatever you most need will be hardest for you to find precisely at the time you need it the most.
This is the ultimate paradox in life:

Whatever you most need will be hardest for you to find precisely at the time you need it the most.

It’s easy to be motivated when things are going great. When you’ve just gotten a raise at work, the kids are happy and healthy, and you’re about to go on a family vacation it’s easy to be motivated. It’s also irrelevant because things are already going great.

It’s when the world is falling down around you that motivation is most important. That is also motivation is hardest to find. That is also when an extra dollop of motivation can have the most profoundly life-changing impact, as anyone who has ever picked themselves up from a job loss and started what turned out to be a successful business will attest.

It’s easy to have integrity when there’s little temptation. You’re not tempted to steal when all your bills are paid or to lie when telling the truth serves you better. It’s when telling a lie or cutting a corner is to your substantial material benefit that it’s most tempting to be dishonest or unreliable. We most admire the people who pass that test when it would be so easy to fail it.

It’s easy to have courage when your fears are small. It’s when those fears are imminent, nightmarish, and visceral that it’s hardest to confront them head-on and do what needs to be done even though you’re terrified of doing it.

It’s easy to persevere your way over minor speed bumps. It’s much harder to persevere when you hit a brick wall. But brick walls are inevitable in the pursuit of any big dream. As Randy Pausch wrote in his memorable book The Last Lecture, “brick walls are not there to stop you, they are there to make you prove how much you want something.”

It’s easy to be of service to others when you have everything you need yourself. It’s when your own needs are not being satisfactorily met that is hardest for you to give to those who are in greater need. But those are the people we most admire for their generosity.

This paradox applies to your team during these extraordinary times. The people who most need a dose of every day courage are precisely those who are already overwhelmed, overstressed, and potentially burned out. 

They are the ones who feel they don’t have time to take care of themselves because they are so busy taking care of others – so busy taking care of business. That is why it is imperative for leadership to make the time for them to refill their own pitchers.

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