The Florence Prescription: From a Culture of Accountability to a Culture of Ownership

Joe’s most popular topic for hospital audiences covers essential characteristics for building a culture of ownership, including practical ideas for implementing these strategies in your organization, and real world examples for each.  To supplement the program, we offer copies of Joe’s book The Florence Prescription: From Accountability to Ownership at just $500 per book.  With over 450,000 copies in print and a 98% “would recommend to others” rating among readers, this story has had a positive impact on hundreds of hospitals.

Culture doesn’t change until people change – and in today’s healthcare world, you need empowered people working in a culture of ownership.

Some of what’s included:

  • Why the legacy of Florence Nightingale is important not just for nursing but also for every other healthcare profession.
  • Why you must supplement process improvement with attitude improvement, to optimize effectiveness.
  • How to build upon the eight essential characteristics of a culture of ownership: Commitment, Engagement, Passion, Initiative, Stewardship, Belonging, Fellowship, and Pride.
  • Why Invisible Architecture is more important than bricks and mortar for employee engagement and patient satisfaction.
  • Using The Self-Empowerment Pledge to foster a “Proceed Until Apprehended” mindset of ownership and initiative.
  • Why you need a culture plan to complement your strategic plan.
  • The Pickle Challenge to eradicate toxic emotional negativity from the workplace.
  • A Baker’s Dozen: Cultural Transformation Strategies.

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