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Books that Inspire Me: #9 Positivity
October 9, 2021
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October 19, 2021

This Healthcare Crisis is Real! Join Us in Helping to Heal Our Caregivers

When I started the Stay Strong For Us project during the second Covid surge, I hoped that the free eBook would have a short shelf life. Tragically, with a fourth surge and over 700,000 deaths, the work is more important now than ever.

“A hospital without nurses can’t save your life. Our healthcare system is at risk as its workforce has been pushed to the breaking point.”

 AACN Hear Us Out website

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) recently debuted their Hear Us Out website. The site is an eloquent plea for people to get vaccinated not only to protect themselves and their families, but also to support exhausted caregivers who are caring for desperately ill (and nearly always unvaccinated) Covid patients.

Every year since my first hospital job in 1973, I’ve seen headlines about “the healthcare crisis.” But this is the first time I’ve felt that term is warranted. Our healthcare system really is at risk. Another Covid surge could push enough caregivers over the edge to the point that people won’t be able to assume that caregivers will be there for them and their families when sick or injured. Consider these excerpts from recent surveys:

  • 83% of nurses report their mental health has been negatively impacted over the past year.
    Vivian Health
  • 75% of nurse leaders report the emotional health and wellbeing of staff as their #1 challenge.
    American Organization for Nursing Leadership
  • 65% of nurse leaders say that the current level of staff burnout is not sustainable.
    New Mexico Organization of Nurse Leaders
  • 41% of nurse leaders report being very concerned at the levels of anger and anxiety they are seeing among staff.
    Association of California Nurse Leaders
  • 66% of acute and critical care nurses have considered leaving nursing after their experience in the pandemic.
    American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
  • 63% of nurses do not believe the healthcare system makes a priority of their mental health and wellbeing.
    Trusted Health

Organizations participating in The Pickle Challenge for Charity have raised more than $100,000 for various good causes. We will soon be pivoting this challenge to raise money and awareness for caregiver mental health and emotional wellbeing. By challenging people to eat a pickle, I hope that we can do for this crisis what the ice bucket challenge did for ALS. Will you join us? 

Please watch Gretchen Brown, CEO of Stonehill Communities, challenge us to join her in this 30-second video. Then help us launch this challenge by videoing yourself taking the pledge, eating a pickle, and challenging someone else to take the challenge with you. Thanks!!