It’s National Pickle [Pledge] Day
November 14, 2021
What’s Your Power Word for 2022?
December 29, 2021

Don’t give up on dreams not realized in 2021

Sometimes “no” means “not yet.” Here in Iowa, we dreamed of a white Christmas. It came three days later.
If you add the words “over time” (OT) to “nyet” (the Russian word for no), you get “not yet.”

Whatever goals you did not accomplish, whatever dreams did not come true, whatever wishes were not granted during 2021, a new year is around the corner.

So don’t give up. Keep dreaming, keep working. You just might win in overtime.
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Survey for nurse leaders – please take 2 minutes 
If you are a nurse leader and haven’t already, please help me with an article I’m working on the the Nurse Leader journal by responding to these questions about how your team is holding up through the pandemic, and what the impact has been on values. Thanks!

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