Values Coach provides training on values-based life and leadership skills for hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations. Helping individuals connect with and act upon their own personal values is the essential first step in building a culture of ownership. We base our Values Training programs on The Twelve Core Action Values. From Authenticity to Leadership, these values reflect the qualities you want to see in your hospital — and in your life.

Values Coach is the leader in training for values-based life and leadership skills. Values Training is a gift to your people that is also an investment in your organization. People who act out of a strong sense of their own personal values are more engaged in their work — and the values of their organization. As their personal lives improve, so does their performance on the job.

The Twelve Core Action Values is a 60-module course on values-based life and leadership skills. It is based upon twelve values that are universal and eternal, beginning with Authenticity and culminating in Leadership. For each of these twelve values, there are four Cornerstones that put the Action into the Value. This systematic curriculum is the foundation of both the Values Initiatives and Values Collaborative trainings.

Click here for detailed outline of The Twelve Core Action Values.

Our experienced trainers conduct an on-site program to share our course on The Twelve Core Action Values with employees and, at the option of the hospital, with a wider community.

Customized program: Values Coach has a well-established training curriculum with a very flexible implementation approach. We’ve designed the program to be accessible and affordable to every hospital, regardless of size or location.

We’ve designed the program to have a long-term, deep, meaningful impact on your people and your organization. This is not a “flavor of the month” kind of program, but one that offers profound, fundamental, and lasting change to your workplace.

Expected outcomes: By joining in this movement, your organization will

  • help your employees grow in their personal and professional lives
  • foster a stronger culture of ownership within your hospital
  • become part of a growing community of organizations that are committed to values-based cultural transformation

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Values Coach developed the Values Collaborative to make training on The Twelve Core Action Values more accessible and affordable for small rural hospitals, long-term care and clinic facilities, and other organizations. We do this by training a team of Certified Values Coach Trainers (CVC-Ts) from each facility in a group setting.

The typical class includes about 50 students from 7-10 different healthcare groups. Organizations usually send 2-10 people, including one or more members of their executive team. We suggest as a guideline one CVC-T per 50 employees, but will work with you on the selection process. Values Coach offers the 2-day or 3-day CVC-T course at a central location. This makes the course much more affordable, as well as accessible. It also serves to build relationships among participating organizations.

Here is what you will get:

  • Licensing to share The Twelve Core Action Values with co-workers in your organization
  • Membership and access to the Values Trainer website, webinars, monthly teleconference calls.
  • Two or three days of intensive training with one of our Master Certified Values Coach Trainers
  • A robust of facilitation guide with accompanying presentation materials, workbook, case studies.

The Values Collaborative was launched in early 2011 and we are seeing positive results from individual hospitals, including results like these:

Mary Lanning Memorial HealthCare in Hastings:

  • Gallup engagement scores increased from 23rd to 72nd percentile (Gallup said it would’ve expected it to take five years what they accomplished in 18 months).
  • There was a swing in productivity by a positive 55 FTEs.
  • HCAHPS scores increased to above the 95th percentile in six categories.

Community Hospital in McCook

  • Percent of employees saying they would recommend the hospital increased by 45% to the 84th percentile.
  • Percent of employees rating training and development as “excellent” increased by 51% to the 91st percentile.
  • HCAHPS scores meeting benchmark increased 12.5% to 87.5%.

Fillmore County Hospital in Geneva

  • Patient satisfaction increased in 27 of 30 categories. CEO Paul Utemark said he got a whole new team without having to change any of the people.

Nemaha County Hospital in Auburn

  • Employee turnover in several departments has dropped from being a problem area to zero.

Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital in Central City        

  • CEO Tad Hunt sent 12 of his 120 employees through the CVC-T course in April of 2012.  He was initially concerned about cost (and justifying it to his board); he now says it was “worth every penny.”