What Our Clients Say

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“Our commitment to the Culture of Ownership has resulted in significant gains for the EVS Department including significantly improved employee engagement and patient satisfaction scores. You can actually feel the increased confidence of our team members, and their positivity and enthusiasm has been remarked upon by people throughout the hospital. And more times than I can count, EVS team members have told me how they are sharing what they’ve learned about values and culture here at the hospital at home with their families.”

Joe Ward, Director of Environmental Services
Children’s Hospital New Orleans

“Joe! Home run! You are a force and have generated so much excitement and energy. We have heard so many positive and amazing comments. Thank you for your honesty, humor and humanity!”

Lindsay Schipper, Clinical Education Specialist Children’s Minnesota

“Joe was great! People really enjoyed his session and were visibly re-energized by his message. The focus on personal values as a core attribute of whole-person health truly resonated, and the generous package of take-home resources will, I’m sure, be shared with staff and patients across the state.”

Nancy Merriman, Executive Director The Alaska Primary Care Association

“I expected Joe Tye to provide a helpful and uplifting message at the closing of our conference, but he delivered so much more. Joe left our audience energized and brimming with great ideas for making tangible improvements in their personal lives and professional careers. His strong healthcare background helped his message resonate very strongly with our members. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Brian Murphy, Director
Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS)

“We first looked into Values Coach because we liked the concept of a culture of ownership that embraces people at all levels of the organization. After visiting Children’s Hospital of New Orleans and seeing the incredible impact the Values and Culture Project is having there, we knew that we had to bring this program to Tri-County Health Care.”

Teresa Johnson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
VP Human Resources, Tri-County Health Care

“Everyone at TriHealth is still talking about your presentation and there is unanimous agreement that you are the best speaker we have ever had! People have said that they could have listened to you all day. I have never seen anyone else get a standing ovation before either.”

Kathy Oliphant, Professional Excellence Specialist,
Nursing Administration TriHealth Bethesda North Hospital

“We knew that organizational culture is the assimilation of many things: corporate values, vision, beliefs and behaviors.  But what we learned from The Values Coach engagement, is that it all begins with individual attitudes.  If we want to create a positive work culture, we have to have employees with positive attitudes.”

Mary Ellen Pratt, CEO, St. James Parish Hospital

“We brought Joe in to conduct a day-long session on accountability and ownership for our internal and external teams which included regulatory, finance, human resources and sales. Joe hit it out-of-the-park and the feedback from each individual attendee was incredibly positive. It was certainly the highlight of the week-long meeting. If you want to make an impact with a speaker who will not only paint the big picture but will then teach each individual how to paint their own big picture, then Joe is your guy.”

Steve Braun, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Piramal Corporation

“The Kaleida Health Leadership Advance of July 2018 was hands-down our best ever, and Joe Tye’s presentation was a big part of that success. He took the time to get to know our organization and tailored his presentation for our needs. The VCI-17 Culture Assessment Survey was a real eye-opener, and Joe gave us practical ideas to work on the culture enhancement opportunities that were identified. Within a day after the event, we began seeing Florence Challenge Certificates of Commitment, Pickle Free Zone door hangers, and other visible reflections of our team’s enthusiasm showing up all over the organization.”

Jerry Venable, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Kaleida Health, Buffalo, New York

“Joe’s presentation was such a big hit that resonated with all our leaders. I cannot thank you enough for working with our leaders to improve our skills and our patients’ experience.”

Charlie Button, CEO
Regional Medical Center

“Joe Tye and the team at Values Coach will elevate your organization to a new level. I was impressed with how they challenge every person in our healthcare organization to improve their own personal values and that in turn drove our organizational improvements. Values Coach provides useful tools and support for a quick tune-up or total culture transformation. Results are impressive.”

Ann Marie Allen, AVP of Nursing,
Homestead Hospital

“Hancock Health has a long history of holding quarterly Leadership Development Institutes to provide education and growth opportunities to all the members of our leadership team. Over the years we have had many different folks speak on a number of different subjects, but Joe is absolutely one of the best! Not only is his style engaging, but the idea of creating a culture of ownership really resonated with our team. Joe’s enthusiasm was so contagious that he has set off a ripple across the organization that is changing our whole direction. We look forward to the next time Joe joins us!”

Steve Long, CEO,
Hancock Regional Hospital

“Joe Tye has spoken for OR Manager Conference several times over the years. He always provides a fresh take on his energetic, insightful, and motivational talks. His message really resonates with the nurse leader because he understands their challenges and presents actionable takeaways that they can implement immediately. Furthermore, Joe and Michelle are so easy to work with! They are diligent in ensuring the material is a perfect fit for our conference goals and the logistical aspects of the presentation are flawless.”

Jess Tyler, Conference Director
OR Manager

“Joe’s presentation was meaningful, impactful, engaging and inspiring, and his message was delivered in an entertaining and humorous fashion. He provided strategies and tools to empower us all to focus on personal and professional growth and improvement. His presentation helped spark a renewed enthusiasm for maintaining a positive mindset and attitude, and it’s already having a positive impact on our firm.”

Kim Gillis, Senior Associate

“Thank you for presenting (as our keynote) at our kickoff event. You hit it out of the park. I have received dozens of positive comments since the event and your Self Empowerment Pledge wristbands are everywhere! I am confident you set the foundation for our best years to come!”

Brian Brandt, Regional Managing Director
Principal Financial Group

“We have a very high performing organization with metrics in the top quartile and decile nationally.  In a short time with our team, Joe lighted a fire among our team of high performing leaders, renewing their focus on values and our culture.  In a short time, he provided our team with a framework and tools that immediately impacted our organization’s unified focus on making every day the best day ever.

Before Joe worked with us, our leaders already believed that our future looked amazing and bright, and our patients rated their experience excellent.  Today our team also realizes that each day is a gift and an opportunity to be our best self as we make a difference in the lives of each other and our patients.

Joe has so much to offer organizations regardless of where they are on the continuum of organizational excellence.  I can’t thank him enough!”

Lamont M. Yoder, CEO
Banner Gateway Medical Center
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

“Joe has and shares his wealth of information about human nature.  During his time at WellSpan, he was able to relate to all staff, at all levels, for all disciplines.

His message of positive thinking, realization of the invisible architecture of the organization, and connecting people and culture provided a strong foundation to develop an action plan to support his work at WellSpan.

The response of the audience placed Joe’s presentation at 94% excellent.  Some of the comments were: wonderful & engaging; very motivational & honest; phenomenal speaker; I learned I want him to come back.

The audience learned:  how just one positive attitude or gesture can change a whole organization for the better; effectiveness of a positive attitude; made me evaluate my actions; reinforcement of what we as nurses should be doing… remaining positive, working as a team; no gossiping or negative talk; I think it would be worthwhile for us to consider incorporating the Nightingale Challenge, including the Pickle Promise, into our organization.

Joe Tye touched many lives during his time at WellSpan facilities. He will be remembered for his ability to touch each person making them feel special while encompassing everyone into his special positive culture hug!”

Jane A. Oyler, Director of Professional Development
WellSpan Health Gettysburg Hospital

“You did an outstanding job in your presentation. It was perfect for our culture journey in our organization. Feedback has been excellent. Actually, the best we ever had since we started these system-wide manager meeting a few years back. This large group meets twice per year so the day needs to be impactful. You were very impactful.”

Joe Devine, President & CEO of Kennedy Health

“Joe was inspiring, transforming and even a miracle worker. He provided an impactful presentation that touched many of our managers that day. After he left and in the days following, managers and others have read the book and say they are being transformed. These were already high performing managers. I highly recommend this to any leadership team. Thank you, Joe!”

Bob Dent, VP, Patient Care Services, Midland Memorial Hospital

“It was an incredible couple of days and we received excellent feedback from everyone.  Many from the Leadership Team are saying it is the best Leadership Retreat we have had and offered feedback that Joe was both motivational and instructional.  We see this as another piece of the building block in positive growth.”

Chris A. Lumsden, President and CEO
Halifax Regional Health System

“Joe gave us an energetic, heartfelt presentation with real substance, useable content. His passionate presentation received excellent feedback from our attendees and we look forward to working with him again.”

Craig Fowler, National Association of Physician Recruiters
Education Chair and Treasurer

“Your presentation was just what we hoped it would be – good information delivered with humor but most importantly a message that inspired and gave hope to folks who as you know are leading in whitewater times and aspiring to develop their staff, work with them to shape a new healthcare system and provide the best for patients.”

Elizabeth Beaudin, Director, of Nursing and Workforce Initiatives
Connecticut Hospital Association

“Joe’s message and presentation is so powerful that within 2 days, I have observed positive changes throughout the organization…The Florence Prescription has spread like wildflowers among our employees and the community, and (is) a daily reminder of the culture of ownership that we are going to foster in our hospital.”

Patsy Youngs, President, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman

“Fairfield Medical Center adopted The Florence Prescription with great interest.  We have incorporated the pledge into our culture.  Even non-clinicians like me have taken it to heart.  Some of us have recognized our behaviors in the characters in the book and have changed our behaviors to be better caregivers as a result.”

Mina Ubbing, President & CEO, Fairfield Medical Center

“Joe’s visit was a powerful experience for me personally and to our hospital, asking us to reflect personally and collectively on our core values. He demonstrated that articulating and living values that engage employees in a mission of service is both emotionally satisfying and fiscally responsible. The experience was full of humor, poignant moments, and has left us soul searching.”

Cynthia S. Pearsall, Chief Nursing Officer, Fairfield Medical Center

“Joe Tye recently provided a statewide leadership training seminar for Indiana Rural Health Association’s Critical Access and Rural Hospital executives and Board members.  Mr. Tye is an extremely engaging and dynamic speaker. His content was very relevant to our needs.  Attendee feedback was positive, with many requests for Mr. Tye to come back for future programs.”

Cindy Large, Flex Program Coordinator, Indiana Rural Health Association

“Joe was an excellent, engaging presenter.  He had a timely thought-provoking message for our audience.  The reviews from the attendees were outstanding!  He provided captivating sessions motivating and demonstrating what we can achieve while making positive change.”

           Judy Dahle, RN, MS, MSG
 Education Coordinator, OR Manager, Inc.

“Joe Tye is an amazing speaker!  He gave the opening keynote address at our conference and he set the tone for the rest of the conference.  His message was inspiring.  His enthusiasm was contagious.  Participants touted his praises during the entire conference.  He also presented a concurrent workshop and those attendees were equally impressed.  We have recommended Joe to other colleagues.  We would gladly hire him again and again.”

Catherine Futrell Davis, Education Specialist,
Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management

“Without hesitation, I would recommend Joe Tye as a speaker for any event.  Our company contracted with Joe to speak at our Leadership Conference in Chicago. We had 100 of our national and state board leaders attend the conference.  Joe connected with our members instantly. He took the time to align his message to our industry and that made an instant connection with our group. Our board chairman commented that he never buys into motivational speakers but afterward he told Joe that he was so impressed with the presentation that he bought his books.  That is quite an endorsement.

We then contracted with Joe to present at our international conference in New Orleans.  Joe’s sessions were two of the most highly attended seminars and he was one of the highest rated speakers for our 3-day convention.  Our members loved his presentation.  We had several thousand people attend the convention and those that missed his presentation said they missed out.

I cannot say enough about Joe’s presentation style and his message.  Our members still use the pledge in their daily routines!  Joe will entertain your group, motivate your group and send them away with a renewed sense of purpose to make a positive impact on your business.  I wish we had Joe Tye on staff to start every day on a high positive note.

Joe touches on the heart of teamwork and in turn the heart of our business.  I give Joe Tye a five-star rating!”

Jenni Venema, Director of Development, American Rental Association

 “Joe has been to Good Samaritan three times and each time we hear, “Bring Joe back.  We need more of this!”  Employees wrote to thank us for giving them the gift of hearing Joe.  We are seeing evidence of the ways that Joe’s message is transforming our culture.  The staff at our hospital returned from the Spark Plug and 12 Core Action Values training determined to put Joe’s message into practice.  They took to heart Joe’s message of, “Proceed Until Apprehended.”

The group has taken ownership to form a Steering Committee that meets weekly to plan the ways in which they could saturate the hospital with the Self-Empowerment Pledge.  Departments began reciting the Pledge together, choosing one Promise for each day.  They then began sharing with one another how these Promises had changed their attitudes, both at work and personally.  The Steering Committee also arranged for each Promise of the Self-Empowerment Pledge to be read daily over the hospital intercom following the Morning Prayer.  We are now rolling out the 12 Core Action Values to every department through our Department Service Excellence Representatives.  Rarely have we seen such excitement and engagement among our employees.  Our organization welcomes this leadership from our staff.”

Michael Schnieders, President/CEO, Good Samaritan Hospital

“I cannot thank Joe Tye and his team enough for all of their hard work prior to and at the NAPR & NALTO 2012 Annual Convention. Joe was even more of a hit than we had hoped — our expectations were met, and exceeded. His presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business based message and very engaging delivery. As one of the meeting planners of the Convention, I had plenty to worry about so it was nice to know Joe was well prepared and his team was available if I needed anything. The professionalism and efficiency of Joe and his team definitely made my life easier. I hope to have an opportunity to work with Joe and his team again in the future. This was truly an enjoyable experience.”

Jessie Laux, NAPR & NALTO Meeting Planner

“I’ve been working at Reading Hospital for more than 42 years, and you are one of the best (if not the best) motivational speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.  You kept everyone’s attention from beginning to end! Thank you!”

Naomi Jasinski, Administrative Assistant to the Senior Vice Presidents, Reading Hospital

“As the Keynote speaker for our All-Staff Seminar, Joe was a dynamo! Excellent storytellers are great entertainment, but Joe is more than that – he is a passionate teacher who will reignite your motivation to bring your best self to work!  We found Joe to be genuinely invested in aligning his message with our theme of organizational Trust and Engagement – it certainly hit the mark with Team Hertz.  The seminar evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and the planning committee heard multiple compliments about Joe – our best Keynote to date!”

Chad Hertz, Executive Vice President, Hertz Farm Management, Inc.

“Joe Tye spoke at our Leadership Forum that brings together leadership teams from hospitals across Oklahoma.  I think Joe was able to help our members realize that culture is not fluff that it is the foundation of everything an organization does.  96% of participants felt the content he presented would be useful to them in their role at the hospital.  I would recommend him to anyone who wants to change the culture of their organization to one of ownership by staff.”

Mary Winters, VP Education & Support Services, Oklahoma Hospital Association

 “Joe lit a spark in our nursing leadership team.  The excitement and the hope in the room was palpable as Joe shared the process from moving a culture from one of accountability to one of ownership.

His philosophy is very much in alignment with the mission and vision of Palmetto Health.  His words and his wisdom have given us the impetus not to “try” but to “do”.  I am looking forward to the transformation journey!”

Carolyn Swinton, VP & Chief Nursing Officer, Palmetto Health

“Joe’s visit to Memorial Hospital of Converse County was both an inspirational shot in the arm and the spark we needed to structure a process to rethink our values and create a more positive and productive organizational culture.  The on-site leadership retreat challenged us to do the hard work needed to foster a solid cultural ownership, and the employee sessions have had a tangible and lasting impact on the emotional environment of our organization.  Months later, we’re still hearing from people how helpful these presentations were, and almost everyone has read The Florence Prescription, which has helped us define what we mean by having a culture of ownership.  We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Values Coach, and as we further internalize tools like The Self-Empowerment Pledge (which we are still doing every day) and The Pickle Challenge into our organization, reaching out to share what we have learned with the broader community.”

Ryan Smith, CEO, Memorial Hospital of Converse County

“At Alverno our leaders, by popular demand, asked that Joe keynote our Leadership Development Institute a second time and ranked his work as top notch, not once, but twice.  Our leaders want to articulate our Alverno values just like Joe weaves articulate storytelling into his keynote address!  Expectations, good example and encouragement are hallmarks of Joe’s involvement with leadership.”

Bernard H. Henry, Vice President, Human Resources, Alverno Clinical Laboratories, Hammond, Indiana 

“I received the conference evaluation results from the attendees and the reviews for Joe were outstanding. He kicked off the morning in a way not many people have the ability to do. He was very engaging, energizing, and dynamic. Those who have never seen him before said they would love to have him present at their hospital; and those who have heard him in the past said he never disappoints…always offering new takeaways each time he talks.”

Tiffany Risner, Physician Services, Aultman Hospital, Ohio

“Our franchisees are very entrepreneurial folks who … are always on the lookout for inspirational and motivational tips to run their business more effectively and more efficiently.  Joe’s presentation was the perfect blend for them – part inspiration and part motivation but yet very practical.  His energy was contagious.  His knowledge was very deep and very broad.  And his delivery was very entertaining.  As one of our franchisees said at the end of the meeting ‘ if you couldn’t find something great about Joe ‘s presentation, you were either sleeping or you weren’t really here.’

          Allen B. Weber, Chief Operating Officer, Iowa Subway Development