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December 25, 2019
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What is Your 2020 Gumption Goal?

My work is being made easier by an inventor who pursued his gumption goal

I recently purchased a second screen for my laptop. Being a man of, shall we say, modest technical abilities I was not able to make it work. So I contacted the helpline. When we couldn’t figure out the problem by email, a man named Jack scheduled a phone call for that evening.

Jack quickly walked me through the process and we got the screen working. Half joking I said, “you really know this thing – are you the inventor?”

He said that yes, he was. And he told me that he was taking my call from the barbershop where he was getting a haircut.

Can’t you just imagine Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and other now-famous entrepreneurs in the early days of their startups, multitasking a haircut with customer support?

I hope I have a chance to meet Jack one of these days. You have to admire someone with the gumption to invent a product and then take it to market.

So here’s a question for you: what is your gumption goal for 2020? A book to write, a degree or certification to obtain, a business to start, a mountain to climb?

And what are you going to do next week to get a start on it?

Happy New Year from the crew at Values Coach. And good luck with your 2020 Gumption Goal.

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