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January 18, 2022
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January 26, 2022

Books that Inspire Me #25: What to do When It’s Your Turn

This is the 25th in a series of posts in which I share thoughts on a book that has inspired me over the years. 

I love all of Seth Godin’s books, but I especially love this one. It’s beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. It is also very timely today when so many of us have choices, perhaps Big Choices, to make about our futures.

Is this the right time for you to change jobs? Start a business? Write a book? Retire?

In his book, Godin promises that if you take your turn: 1) it won’t be easy; 2) it might not be fun; 3) it might not work. He says he hopes you’ll do it anyway.

My friend Joya Cousin was a successful business executive on the island of Antigua when she decided to take her turn. Today she is a renowned portrait artist living in France. If you’re on LinkedIn, follow Joya because her posts are always an inspiration. She tells her own “when it was my turn” story in this post, which has already gained more than 800 responses on LinkedIn.

The first time I went into Grand Canyon for a weeklong solo hike, I asked my friend the Park Ranger what they would do if I didn’t come back out.

He assured me that they would find me.

How? I asked.

We’ll watch for where the vultures are circling, he said with the shrug.

I went anyway.

It was not easy. There were long stretches where it was not fun. On the fourth day, I fell and twisted my ankle. I could almost feel the vultures starting to circle overhead.

I’ve been back many times. For me, taking that first step down the trail is a beautiful metaphor for taking my turn.

This is the fourth full week of the year. It’s your turn. What are you going to do with it?

I commissioned Joya Cousin to create this portrait of Sally and me in the Grand Canyon for our 40th anniversary.