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December 28, 2021
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January 6, 2022

Every year, Children’s Hospital CEO John Nickens challenges his team members to identify one word that will inspire them during the year. Jon Gordon writes about this idea in his book One Word that Will Change Your Life.
It’s a great exercise, but I take it one step farther. Each year, I create my own word by combining two key priorities I will commit to during that year. 

In 2020 my word was Streach, a marriage of the words Stretch and Reach. I wanted to stretch myself out of my comfort zone to increase the reach of our work at Values Coach. 

Little did I realize how relevant the pandemic would make that word. Two years ago, I thought zoom was something a sports car did. During 2020, technological troglodyte that I am, I had to significantly stretch the boundaries of my comfort zone to reach more people at a time when our work has never been more important. Including mastering the other Zoom for delivering virtual presentations.

In 2021 my word was Focish, a marriage of the words Focus and Finish. My commitment in the year just ending has been to focus on things that matter and to finish what I start. Anyone who has RBADD (really bad) like I do will know what a challenge this has been.

My first Focish goal this year was to complete our course on Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times. The program features 21 short video modules and 12 eBooks. The project wasn’t even on my radar before the pandemic, but the challenges faced by many organizations made it my top priority. To date, more than 25 organizations have incorporated this course into their learning management systems.

As the pandemic continued to overwhelm hospitals and caregivers, the Stay Strong For Us project became my next #1 priority. I asked more than a hundred healthcare leaders, authorities on human motivation and wellbeing, frontline caregivers, and others to share a short but meaningful message of hope, courage, and gratitude. Lisa Peterson of Studio 6 Sense designed a gorgeous eBook that is free at the website

For 2022, my word for the year will be Prosilience, a marriage of the words Prospective and Resilience. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is flickering badly, and I need to prepare myself and my company in advance to meet the challenges of the years ahead. 

One more thing: Just because a year has ended does not mean that you should let go of your word. The impact is cumulative. In 2022. I will continue to Streach myself to expand my reach and to Focish on key priorities that help the people and the organizations we work with in these challenging times. 

Streatching and Focishing will help me cultivate Prosilience

Survey for nurse leaders – please take 2 minutes 
If you are a nurse leader and haven’t already, please help me with an article I’m working on the the Nurse Leader journal by responding to these questions about how your team is holding up through the pandemic, and what the impact has been on values. Thanks!

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