This Healthcare Crisis is Real – We Need You to Stay Strong For Us
December 4, 2020
Shackleton and the Endurance: A Key Lesson for Pandemic Leadership
December 13, 2020

Why Ali was the Greatest

And Why We Need You to Stay Strong For Us

The first time Muhammad Ali fought Ken Norton it was supposed to be an easy tune-up in preparation for his ballyhooed rematch with Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Ali took the fight too lightly and did not train like he should have.

Norton fractured Ali’s jaw in several places and won a split decision. After the fight, Ali made no excuses and did not disparage his opponent. Quite to the contrary, he said that Ken Norton was the toughest man he’d ever fought.

He also trained harder than ever for the rematch. He beat Norton in their next two fights. And he beat Frazier the next two times they fought.

Ali wasn’t just The Greatest because of the way he knocked other fighters down; he was the greatest because of the way he got back up after he’d been knocked down. He wasn’t The Greatest just because of who he was as a fighter; he was The Greatest because of who he was as a man.

Footnote: In my previous career as chief operating officer for a large community teaching hospital, I came in one Monday morning to learn that over the weekend Muhammad Ali had shown up unannounced and gone up to the children’s unit to visit with the kids. That simple act of human kindness, more than his 56–5 (35 by KO) boxing record, makes Muhammad Ali The Greatest in my eyes.

Stay Strong For Us Project

The Covid19 crisis has brought out the best in caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics around the world. It has also left many battered and exhausted – and the fight is not yet over.

That’s why Values Coach is launching the Stay Strong For Us project next month. This eBook and website will include messages of hope and encouragement from healthcare leaders and thought leaders plus great strategies for personal resilience and recovery.

We are covering the entire cost of this project – there will be no charge to organizations or individuals. If you would like to be notified when we go live simply contact me at with Stay Strong in the subject line and I’ll take it from there.

Because we still have miles to go before we reach that light at the end of the tunnel, we need you to stay strong for us!

Everyday Courage

Courage, Perseverance, Resilience, Hope

Energize and motivate your staff with an ongoing infusion of inspirational ideas and strategies. Now, more than ever, investing in your team will help them navigate today’s challenging world with courage and determination.


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