Courageous Achievement in an Age of Anxiety
July 1, 2021
Liberate Yourself from YOWE: Your Own Worst Enemy!
July 4, 2021

Sally and I are in New Smyrna Beach, Florida for the Fourth. Yesterday I stopped into a little bakery called Mon Delice where I saw these Success Cookies. Naturally, I asked why they are called by that name. The young woman behind the counter explained that one day they had run out of pastries and in a panic slapped together available ingredients to make a new sort of cookie. This new creation instantly became one of their bestsellers. Hence the name Success Cookie.

What is your Success Cookie? What is one thing that always brings you up when you’re having a down day? Who is the one customer you can always rely upon when no one else is buying? Who is the one friend you can call when you need a hug (even if only a virtual hug)?

One of the people I look up to as a “success cookie” is Gary Ryan Blair, author of “Everything Counts” and creator of the 100 Day Challenge. Next Tuesday at 2:00 EST (1:00 CST) Gary will be joining me for a podcast covering his most powerful success secrets for courageous achievement in an age of anxiety. 

The call is free. Please join us by registering at this link:
Register at this link

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