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June 15, 2021
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June 28, 2021

The Out-of-Body Experiences Behind Emotional Pain

All emotional pain is caused by mini out-of-body experiences. Your conscious awareness is in a time zone and/or a zip code that is different than that of your physical, corporeal body.

Think about it.

Anger, hatred, grief, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, carrying grudges, distrust: All these painful emotions are rooted in experiences in your past. You are, in effect, carrying around the deadweight of yesterday in your backpack of today.

Fear, worry, dread, anxiety, apprehension, self-doubt, worrying about what other people might think of you: All these painful emotional states are caused by you projecting your conscious awareness forward into the future. You are being frightened and depressed by things that may never happen.

The secret to emotional equanimity, spiritual peace, and personal happiness lies in strictly controlling the zip codes and time zones that you allow your conscious awareness to travel into.

As a speaker, I see out-of-body experiences all the time. I’ll be looking at someone in the audience. I can see their physical body is present, but looking into their eyes I know that no one is home. Like a character in a science-fiction story, they are engaged in astral projection, a “beam me up Scotty” sort of experience that separates their conscious mind from their physical body.

The secret to emotional equanimity, spiritual peace, and personal happiness lies in these three words: be here now.

This was the title of a cult classic book from the sixties by Ram Das. (They say if you can remember the sixties, you must not have been there; I was there and know why they say that.)

Hiking through the mountains of Nepal with a guide, Ram Das would reminisce about his past life, ask questions about the next village, or wonder what was on the other side of the next mountain. Whenever he did, the guide simply responded: “Be here now.”

Do not allow your conscious mind to wander into another time or place. Keep your awareness in the same physical location and in the same temporal space in which your corporeal body is located. Do that, and you will do a much better job of managing the emotions I’ve described above.

Easier said than done, of course, which is why Mindfulness is one of the four Cornerstones of Core Action Value #3, Awareness, in our course on The Twelve Core Action Values: precisely because it is so important – and because it is so hard. 

Be here. 
Be now. 
Be here now.

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